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Launch of .tel, the World’s First Global Directory Service - Monday, April 06, 2009

Telnic has announced the .tel TLD has gone live with thousands of domain names registered in the sunrise period now becoming active, creating the world's first global directory.

ICANN announces new Domain Name Expansion - Monday, June 30, 2008

ICANN today announced the expansion of the internet to include new domain name spaces from 2009.


Domain Name Portfolio Administration

Effective domain name portfolio management requires not only expertise, but also time and resources which organisations could better focus on their core business.

Outsourcing your domain name administration is cost effective, and can also reduce workload across your IT, Marketing and Legal teams, while assisting to increase stakeholder input, visibility and control over your domain name portfolio.

DomainAdmin provides professional domain name portfolio administration and consulting services to help enterprises minimise the risks and costs associated with a decentralised approach to domain management. These risks include inadvertent domain name expiries, cyber-squatting and typo-squatting, unnecessary domain registrations, recovery of lost domain names, and the need to address online intellectual property abuse and dilution of your brands on the internet.

Reduce Cost, Reduce Risk & Gain Control of your brands & intellectual property online, by  outsourcing your domain name portfolio management to the experienced local consultants at DomainAdmin. Contact Us.

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